This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Normal and Private Visibility in activeCollab

Visibility is quite a simple feature: it will help you decide who can see a specific object in activeCollab. Since it can be set per item, visibility enables you to be flexible when planning and managing your projects.

Visibility can be set for Tasks, Discussions, Files and Notebooks. Milestones do not support the visibility feature.

In activeCollab, visibility can be set to:

  • Normal - visible to all activeCollab users, regardless of the System Role that they have.
  • Private - visible to everyone, except users with the Client System Role. Clients will not be able to see and access such objects. This can be practical if you wish have a private discussion with your team or add a private Task to a project.

All private objects will have a red flag next to them, allowing you spot them easily:

You can define visibility when creating a new project object, or you can do that on the project level by opening Options > Change Settings > Visibility on the Project Overview page. In this case, all new project items created in this project will have the selected visibility. For example, if you choose Private visibility, all new Tasks, Discussions or Files created in this project will be private by default.