This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Can I create an Invoice which will be sent to my client every month?

Yes, you can. Use Recurring Profiles to do that. Recurring Profiles are actually automated Invoices that are created periodically within a predefined time frame. You can use them to charge for your hosting services, support costs, monthly magazine subscriptions, etc.

Recurring profiles are available as an additional tab on the Invoices page. A New Recurring Profile resembles a new Invoice, with a few added functionalities:

  • Notify Person - Only users from Client Companies who have the Receive and Pay Invoices permission enabled for their System Roles are listed.
  • Starts on - Set the date when the first Invoice will be sent.
  • Frequency - Select how often you wish the Invoices to be created - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly...
  • Occurrence - Set how many times you wish this Invoice to be crated. If you have set the number to "3" and the frequency to "Monthly" in the previous step, activeCollab will create this same Invoice three months in a row - the Invoice will not be created on the fourth month.
  • Auto Issue - If set to No, Draft (and not Issued) Invoices will be created automatically. Such an Invoice needs to be issued manually. On the other hand, if set to Yes, Invoices will be created, issued and sent to the client automatically.
How to cancel a Recurring Profile?

If there is no need for a Recurring Profile to send out Invoices, you can disable it. One way to do that, is to move the profile to Trash by accessing the Options menu. Alternatively, you can Archive the profile and have the option to reuse it if necessary.