This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Remind Your Clients about an Overdue Payment

It can be really uncomfortable to remind people about an overdue payment, or, sometimes, you can even forget to do it. Either way, you may not receive the money you have earned. activeCollab helps you solve this problem by using Overdue Reminders.

Besides helping you to create Invoices and to issue Invoices to your Clients, activeCollab can remind your clients about overdue payments. Use the Overdue Reminders option available in the Administration to set the payment reminders:


Enable the Reminders.


Set the frequency of the Reminder emails. You can configure when to send the first email and the subsequent emails.


Set the Escalation Messages.

Escallation Messages

The main purpose of these messages is to make a constant, reasonable "pressure" on your client to make the payment as soon as possible. You can create a set of Escalation Messages and configure activeCollab to send them out automatically.


To exclude one of your clients from receiving escalation emails, you can use the Don't Send To option to select the desired client companies.


Click the Save Changes button and let activeCollab do the rest.