This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.

Customizing Invoices

Invoices can be customized to match your company branding and formating criteria.

Invoice Designer #

To edit the visual identity of your Invoices, open Administration > Invoice Designer. With the Invoice Designer you can:

  • Choose a paper size standard and upload the background image file by opening Paper Size and Background.
  • Upload a company logo and add the company details by using the Header Settings. You can also pick the font and color for the text, as well as set the header border.
  • Use Body Settings to choose the layout and font for the Client and Invoice details, toggle borders and Invoice Item columns and set the appearance of Invoice Notes.
  • Footer Settings allow you to set how the Invoice and page numbers are displayed and whether to display a footer border.

By using these options, you can create professional looking Invoices to impress your clients.

Invoice Settings #

Use Invoice Settings to further customize your Invoices:

  • Set the name of Issued and Draft Invoices. By default they are called Invoice and Proforma Invoice.
  • Choose how time records are displayed when an Invoice is created from a Project, Milestone or a Task. You can choose the way that the Invoice Items will be grouped, and the format in which they will be displayed.
  • Enable a Second Tax and a Compound Tax if necessary.
  • Select who will be notified after a new payment is received - either Administrators or Managers (with the Manage Finances permission enabled).
  • Set the default due date for issued Invoices.
  • Configure the Number Generator to automatically apply a number to new Invoices. You can save a lot of time by using this option and you can configure it to fit your accounting best.

Additional Options #

activeCollab also features the following Invoice-related options in the Administration:

  • Currency setup to add as many different currencies as you need. All of them will be available in the Currency drop down menu when you are creating a new Invoice.
  • Item Templates help you define frequently occurring Invoice Items and their default price.
  • Note Templates allow you to preset notes and add them to every new Invoice. You can also choose the default note.
  • Tax Rates allow you to set different kinds of taxes. This feature is quite handy if you need to issue an Invoice to a client from a different country.
  • Overdue Reminders send out automated messages to clients who have not paid for your services on time. You can find out more about this feature on this page.