This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Footprints Module - Your Mark in activeCollab

Allowing people to work as freely as possible, without slowing them down, is what we at activeCollab strive for. This is why we let people manage their own tasks, update descriptions as they see fit, alter estimates when needed, etc. We have designed activeCollab so that it lets people do their work quickly and efficiently.

You may be wondering if this could result in an anarchy? How can you track who is changing what? Can someone take advantage of such a high confidence system and exploit it to their benefit?

To help you keep track all the changes made in your activeCollab, we have designed the Footprints module. This module helps you monitor everything, without slowing down or interfering with your employees.

Footprints in Action #

The module will track the footprints of the user’s actions – estimate updates, reassignments, using the “Log in as” feature, access to particular objects or files, etc. Now, you will be able to stay updated and keep track of all changes. The data does not require constant monitoring – but, in case you ever need it, it will be conveniently stored in the Footprint log.

Track what users were working on in a specific project and which tools they used in your activeCollab. Using the Footprints module makes it easy for you to spot transgressions, allowing you to act quickly and without interfering with other team members.

Advanced User Account Tracking #

On top of that, the Footprints module offers user account tracking, so that you can monitor failed logins, password changes and similar actions. This can help you spot problems early on: see if someone is trying to hack into your system, notice when a particular user or client has trouble logging in, etc.

Footprints Module in activeCollab Cloud

The Footprints module is included in the free trial and is available free of charge for all our Cloud users. It as well.

If you have decided to use the self-hosted version of activeCollab, you can get the module for $99.00.

We hope that you will find Footprints feature useful. Our goal was to find a balance between frictionless productivity and basic control requirements required to confidently monitor your team. The Footprint module offers you the best of both worlds.