This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Time Reports

There are a few reports that you can generate to find out more about the time that you and your team have spent working on different Projects.

Estimated and Tracked Time #

Use this report to see how the time estimates compare with the actual logged time:


Navigate to Reports & Filters > Time Estimates


Select the Project.


Optionally, group the results by Assignee, Milestone, Category, Label...

Your report may look like this:

Time and Expenses Report #

If you have been tracking time or expenses while working on a Task or a Project, you can generate a Time and Expenses report:


Navigate to Reports & Filters > Time and Expenses.


Choose whether to display Time, Expenses, or both.


Set the Job Type or the Expense Category to refine the report results.


Specify the Day, the User who has logged the time or expenses, the Project and the Status for logged time.


Optionally, group the results by Date, Project, or Project Client.

After generating the report, you can Create an Invoice or export it as an Excel or a CSV File.