This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.

Making Comments

In activeCollab, it is possible to comment almost everything. This is one of the key features which make our application great for team work and communication.

You can comment on Tasks, Discussions, Files and Pages. Use comments to share ideas, track progress, resolve issues, notify your team about important updates and for any other purpose that you can think of.

All the people Subscribed to a project item will receive a notification about the new comment. That note will also be visible on the Project Overview page in Recent Activities thread, so you can be certain that your team will notice the new comment.

When making a new comment, you can attach a file or insert an image in the text body.

Update a Task with a Comment

When posting a comment, you will see the additional action bar below the text box. Use it to update some of the Task properties:

  • Status - Complete that Task.
  • Assignee - Change the person responsible for the Task.
  • Label - Set a different label.
  • Category - Change the Task category.

Reply to Comment #

activeCollab allows you to receive system notifications via email and post comments by sending a reply.

For instance, after receiving a notification email about a Task that you are working on, you can reply to that email. activeCollab recognizes that your message is a reply to that particular Task and posts a comment. This allows you to contribute to a conversation without having to log in - you can simply reply to the email.