This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Translating activeCollab

In activeCollab, English is the only language avilable by default. However, you may create or import a translation and start using the system in another language.

Import Language #

Official activeCollab Translations

You can find official translation supported by our company on our Add-ons page. Languages available at the moment are Spanish, German, Portuguese and French.

Once you have the Language XML File, you can import it in activeCollab by using the Administration > Languages > Import Language option.

Create a New Translation #

To create a new translation, use the New Language option available on the Languages page. After naming your language and setting the locale, the translation page will appear. All phrases and terms used in activeCollab will listed in alphabetical order just like in a dictionary. All there is left four you to do, is the actual translation work.

To make the process easier, you may:

  • Outline phrases that don't have a translation to highlight untranslated phrases in red.
  • Only show phrases that don't have a translation to display phrases without a translation.

After creating a new language, you can set it as default by clicking the Set Default Language button. A list of all available languages will appear. Selecting the default language will mark it by a dot.