This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Footprints - User Activity Logs in activeCollab

The Footprints module will help you see what your users did in activeCollab by providing you with a detailed activity log. By using this module, you can monitor system activity and keep track of all modifications made to the system.

You can test this module during your free trial, and use free of charge as a Cloud user. Users with self-hosted licenses can purchase this module for $99.

How to install the Footprints module?

The installation process is quite simple. To enable the Footprints module in your activeCollab, do the following:

  • Complete the module purchase process.
  • Navigate to the Administration page of your activeCollab.
  • Check the System Information block and click on the Refresh button.
  • "New Module is Available" should appear.
  • Click the Upgrade button and the module will be installed instantly.

And this is it - you can now start using the module.

The logs added by the Footprints module will allow you to track changes made to individual project objects (Tasks, Milestones, Files, Discussions, Notebooks) and to follow activity in user profiles.

Here's what you can track with Footprints:

  • History of Changes can be found in the Options menu of each project object in activeCollab. This feature is especially useful when one of the properties of an object has been changed - you will be able to see who has made this change and when.
  • Access Logs are available in the Options menu of all project objects. Use this log to find out who has downloaded a File or reviewed an article.
  • Security Logs are located in the User's Profile. This option displays all actions performed by the user and the actions performed on the account (profile updates, permission and role changes, etc.).
  • User Sessions can also be accessed on the user's Profile page. If you notice that a user account has been compromised, or wish to exclude a person from activeCollab, you can end their user session immediately.