This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added option for turning on/off multiple assignees for tasks and milestones to project settings section of administration
  • Task, files and discussion categories added to exported project

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed text editor problem with wrong placement of newly inserted tables
  • Fixed problem with creating milestones based on quote items with long names when converting quote to project
  • Fixed problem with creating milestones based on quote items when converting quote to project even if 'don't create' option was checked
  • Fixed bug in source module which caused problems with commit dates when using specific date and time settings and some languages
  • Fixed edge case source module bug which caused commit list of SVN repository to be empty if MySQL is in strict mode
  • Created on date, closed on date and currency added to pdf version of quote
  • Fixed problem with currency not showing on pdf version of invoice when 'always show amount paid and balance due' option isn't checked
  • Fixed issue with user profile fly-out when favorite object is permanently deleted
  • Fixed bug which caused images inserted to project request description field not to be shown on project request page
  • Fixed bug which caused files attached in comments on quote public page to be inaccessible on quote page inside activeCollab
  • Fixed problems with importing activeCollab calendars to Google calendar
  • Fixed edge case bug with assignments reports and assignments related homescreen widgets which occurred when all assignments labels are deleted
  • Fixed text editor bug which caused adding one empty line before and after pasted text when using Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Fixed bug in text editor which caused strange behavior when adding rows and columns which occurred after one of the rows is deleted from the table
  • Fixed edge case bug with new comment action when resolving conflict which was happening if files module is missing
  • Fixed edge case problem with MS Project Manager module project exporting
  • Fixed edge case bug which in some scenarios made users with client role unintentionally unassign responsible person from the task through a comment
  • Fixed bug which caused false "innoDB support not available" warning when installing aC
  • Fixed problem with attachments not showing on notebook public pages
  • Fixed bug which caused estimated and tracked time in assignments report to be shown only to users with administrator role
  • Fixed bug which caused archived and trashed project to be listed in favorite projects homescreen widget
  • Fixed problem with newly created assignment label not showing on my tasks page until application cache is cleared