This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Introduced the morning paper feature, a daily email which recaps the important events which happened the previous business day, as well as what is due/late today
  • Added information about related project name when printing the task page
  • Added config option for disabling new activeCollab version check when administration page is opened
  • Added "late or today" option for 'due on' in assignments filter
  • Enabled selecting non-working days for recurring profile 'start on:' date
  • Added access logs and history of changes features to calendar and calendar event options
  • Archived users are now displayed as a responsible person for a project object

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with 'see what's new' link on administration page
  • Fixed problem with permissions to edit or delete calendar events for users with administrator role
  • Fixed problem with character @ showing instead of quotes character when using shift + 2 on some keyboards
  • Fixed problem with assignments page on mobile interface
  • Fixed log in problem which occurred when cookies are disabled in Firefox
  • Fixed MS Project Manager problem when exporting projects which contain "/" character in their name
  • Fixed bug which caused tasks which are due today not to show in 'late or due today' section of my tasks page
  • Fixed problem with opening tasks which had a link to user profile in their description which occurred after upgrade from aC 3.3.x to aC 4.x
  • Fixed time zone related bug which caused wrong subtask due dates to be shown on printed version of task page
  • Fixed bug which when making invoice from project caused invoice to use default currency instead of the one set in the project
  • Fixed problem with losing line breaks when pasting text to activeCollab from Windows Notepad
  • Fixed text editor bug which in some cases caused adding a table column or row in the wrong place
  • Fixed MS Project Manager problem with predecessors which caused project to have circular references upon importing to MS Project
  • Fixed MS Project Manager bug which caused problems with importing project objects without due date to MS Project
  • Fixed some text editor issues with copying tables
  • Fixed problem with "due upon receipt" default setting for 'due after issue' option in invoicing settings being ignored
  • Fixed problem with assignments report xls/csv export not including custom fields
  • Fixed problem with inputting email addresses in text editor