This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.



  • Plumbing which will enable iOS application to work with self hosted activeCollab installations is set :)
  • Help section is no longer included in the application, instead user is redirected to help section on our website

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed time zone related bug with invoice dates
  • Fixed bug in text editor which in some cases caused links to disappear after saving comment/description
  • Fixed text editor problem with quoting hyperlinked text
  • Fixed issue with "reminders" home screen widget when there were reminders created by users who were deleted after reminder's creation
  • Fixed bug which prevented administrators from configuring other user's home screens
  • Fixed issue with Paypal express checkout not recalculating invoice balance due amount after returning from Paypal website
  • Fixed problem with users invited to owner company not showing until cache is cleared