This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added indicator to administration fly-out which informs that log files are taking too much space when log folder size exceed 200MB
  • Removed possibility of using a negative value for quantity in invoices
  • Projects are now listed in alphabetical order in favorite projects widget
  • Added possibility of enabling use API and feeds extra permission for users with client role

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug which caused some parts of activeCollab to appear in pink color regardless of the colors set in custom color scheme
  • Fixed bug with search feature which was happening when a user is returned as a result of the search
  • Fixed bug which was causing error notification to be displayed when completing a subtask in a project created from template
  • Fixed bug which caused ':num' to be displayed instead of invoice ID in invoice has been paid notification
  • Fixed bug which caused attachments in project request comments to work only on public page and not in activeCollab
  • Fixed bug which was causing 'milestone due day must be greater than start day' error when converting project to template in some cases
  • Fixed bug which was causing bad request error when using 'add client to people' feature in quotes created for a new client