This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Favorite projects are now at the top of the list in my projects widget
  • PayPal express checkout doesn't require PayPal account anymore if "PayPal account optional" is checked
  • Added is_owner field to company describe API

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with budget including taxes when creating project from quote
  • Fixed bug which caused comments to be added to a task when replying through email even if comments are locked for that task
  • Fixed bug which caused problems with keeping tasks estimates when converting project to template
  • Fixed problem with number of decimal spaces for payment amount in make a payment form which sometimes resulted in false "you will run over maximum payment amount" warning
  • Fixed invoices problem with rounding value of unit cost to two decimals when number of decimal spaces in currency settings is set to three
  • Fixed bug with task IDs on printed version of project task list
  • Fixed bug which caused edit project permissions button not to show on user profile page
  • Fixed problem with keeping positions of milestones and tasks in newly created templates
  • Fixed problem with new task form caused by attaching file bigger than 32MB limit
  • Fixed bug which caused thousand separator to disappear when logging time after the page is reloaded
  • Fixed edge case bug which caused several files uploaded notification not to list uploaded files