This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Gray notification pop-ups are now removed automatically after some time
  • My Tasks widget on the home screen shows subtasks
  • Task IDs added on project outline page
  • When replacing project leader new project leader is now automatically subscribed and assigned to old project objects instead of the old one
  • Added search for subtasks and notebook pages comments
  • Added support for using mail to project email in CC and for multiple email addresses in To (mail to project email must be first of emails in TO)
  • Added Projects Data Cleanup feature which enables to permanently delete projects and all of their files
  • Improved project people page load time (slowdown was noticeable when there was more than 100 users on a project)
  • Added age filter and additional column to assignment filters. Age filters are available under Created On filter

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug which caused system to ignore days off and weekends when rescheduling successive milestones
  • Fixed bug with quotation marks disappearing after the comment is saved
  • Fixed edge case bug with task due date which occurred when editing task on outline page
  • Fixed bug which was causing aC to send crash report when iCal feed for non existing object is called
  • Fixed bug which caused notebook comments to be left in database after notebooks module is uninstalled
  • Fixed bug which was causing outline tab in project to disappear when milestones tab is disabled even though outline tab was still enabled in project settings
  • Fixed bug which was making possible to access link in request received notification without logging in to activeCollab even though public form is set to "don't share"
  • Fixed millestones start and due date bug in printed version of milestones page
  • Fixed problem with users still getting email notifications after being moved to trash
  • Fixed IE bug which caused all checkboxes in 'selected mailboxes' to be grayed out when adding a new mail filter
  • Fixed email import error which was caused by long email subject
  • Fixed bug with projects data cleanup feature which occurred when project exporter module isn't installed
  • Fixed bug which caused announcement icons to be missing when using language other then english
  • Fixed bug with payments ignoring the rounding difference which sometimes resulted in balance due having a value even though invoice is fully paid