This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • All roles now have the same icon
  • Basic HTML version of announcements now keeps line breaks without need to use
  • Improved color picker usability
  • Notifications, status updates and trash pop-ups now close when clicking on them if they are open
  • Heading position in project timesheet view is now fixed, so it doesn't go out of sight when scrolling down through users
  • If the URL is valid clicking on link icon in visual text editor now makes it clickable without opening the dialog
  • Select assignee section in new task and edit task forms now has an option to add new people to the project
  • By client added as a group by option in invoices list
  • Search in invoices list now enables searching by client company
  • Added possibility to change language for paid invoices and lost and won quotes
  • Added possibility to define project permissions for positions in project template
  • All system roles page in administration beside information about number of users with a role now also provides information who those users are
  • Display notifications settings can now be configured for each user

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug which caused leave a comment button to disappear after marking quote as won
  • Fixed edge case bug when replacing user with custom project role with another user
  • Fixed mass edit mode task reordering issues in project templates
  • Fixed bug which caused milestones to be created with visibility set to private when creating project from template if 'default visibility' is set to private in project settings
  • Old templates section in project settings is removed
  • Fixed IE bug which caused choose file button not to work when uploading a new version
  • Disabled opening of delete dialog in project outline when project is selected and delete button is pressedFixed some translation issues in source module
  • Fixed bug which prevented users with client role to create project request even though they have submit project requests permission enabled
  • Notifications about change of task responsible person are now sent when this change is made using mass edit mode
  • Fixed bug which caused content of our comment field in create invoice from project form not to show in created invoice
  • Fixed problem with translations in email notifications
  • Fixed bug which caused error when using too many characters in the quote summary
  • Fixed bug which caused milestones and tasks dates to ignore non-working days when creating project from template
  • Fixed bug which caused categories defined on master categories page to not appear in select list if project is created from quote
  • Fixed bug which caused date picker in project outline to ignore first day in a week settings
  • Fixed bug which was causing amount paid value to always be displayed as 0 in invoice paid email notification
  • Fixed bug which was causing error when deleting notifications from outgoing queue
  • Fixed bug which was causing a one day difference in task due dates in assignments report between printed version and activeCollab interface when time zone is set to GMT -12:00