This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Show project name in Quick View for project objects (tasks, discussions etc)
  • Show project name and notebook when using Quick View to show notebook page details
  • System prefers cURL when downloading new updates
  • Installer recommends that zlib.output_compression is enabled
  • Improved styling of tables and highlighted cells when they are printed
  • Option to edit payment method, payment day and comment when updating a custom payment
  • PayPal gateways now show a list of supported currencies
  • Shared notebook pages now support comment
  • Improved layout of a shared notebook
  • Improved subscriptions page on project level
  • Amount paid is displayed in invoice notifications
  • Improved invoices printout (when user clicks on Print icon above the list of Invoices)
  • Introduced API commands for files, text documents, bookmarks, YouTube video and notebook management
  • Ability to re-send email (with PDF as attachment) for paid invoice

Bug Fixes:

  • Don't lock days in the past years for repeating days off
  • Fixed issue when using Link to Item dialog to link a notebook page
  • Fixed issue with hours formatter when formatting values larger than 1000
  • System properly cleans up categories when module is uninstalled
  • Fixed date display in assignment notifications
  • Shorten company and user names when displaying long names in select users and select assignees widgets
  • Fixed broken logout icon
  • Properly set default label when task is being created using a public form
  • Labels and categories are properly sorted in project outline
  • Properly sort results returned by time and expenses filter
  • Show language picker when creating an invoice based on tracked time and expenses
  • Fixed issue which remove payment selector from add and edit invoice forms
  • Fixed issue with Quick View links being pushed off the page in Time and Expenses report results
  • Fixed issue that broke display of object types in Favorites listing when people used localised system
  • Properly list projects in Estimates vs Tracked Time report
  • Fixed fatal error when printing invoices list
  • Fixed creation date display on Invoice Details pages
  • Fixed unnecessary large textareas from invoice form in WebKit browsers
  • Fixed issues when some of the user and company settings (phone numbers, address and homepage URL) were lost when they were updated via API
  • Show archived time records and expenses when listing related invoice items
  • Don't show archived users on project people page
  • Fixed issue with version compare dialog for notebook pages
  • Fixed search crash in mobile interface
  • Fixed invoices filter crash (when system looked for due_on field in invoice_objects table)
  • Fixed user listing when creating new text document or uploading a file in global documents section
  • On public quote page, items now start from #1 instead of #0
  • Fixed issue where invoice preview in Invoice Designer displayed tax amount when user checked to show tax rate, and vice versa
  • Fixed edge case when Workload report sometimes displayed users that don't match the user filter