This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • When invoice is created from a project or a task, and that object has Purchase Order or PO custom field, system will transfer the value to the new invoice
  • System properly displays inline BMP images
  • Added biannual recurring invoices

Bug fixes:

  • Patched object contexts support so it does not break attachments in some edge cases
  • Filter property exceptions are properly handled (user friendly message instead of a crash report)
  • Skip links when calculating directory size
  • Fixed JavaScript error in Add Reminder form when date picker widget was not already loaded
  • Fixed caching on object context level
  • Fixed issue with total payment calculation
  • Fixed issue when timesheet sometimes displayed numbers with way too many decimals
  • Select companies helper no longer throws an exception when there are no companies in the database
  • Fixed display of shared notebook page
  • Archived projects are available in project picker on New Invoice and Edit Invoice forms
  • Fixed issue where public task form did not display currently logged in user