This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • HTML root element uses language code based on user's language
  • Link in email notifications for downloading PDF version of a quote doesn't require login
  • Improved performance of People page for users who have a lot of accounts defined in their system
  • When milestone is moved from one project to another, system will also move archived tasks, discussions and files that belong to that milestone
  • Email notifications for tasks now show task's due date (if set)
  • Big email replies are imported as attachments
  • Improved instructions for Scheduled Tasks setup on Windows

Bug Fixes:

  • When user is removed from a project (or replaced), reminders that belong to that user are cleaned up as well
  • Fixed multiple translation issues
  • Fixed styling on project budget page
  • Outline properly displays task category when Edit form is opened
  • Fixed issue that caused double activity log entries when file was uploaded via API
  • Fixed issue with commit path in Source module
  • Fixed creation date display for recurring profiles
  • Fixed issue with Recent Activities page in mobile interface
  • Removed navigation block and Complete option from trashed objects in mobile interface
  • Fixed a minor problem with invoice issuing form
  • Fixed issue with project template not being imported after a project based on quote or project request is created
  • Fixed issue where Notify People box in forms in Documents section also listed archived users
  • Fixed error during project creating step when quote items had to be converted into project milestones
  • Fixed minor issue with discussion details loading
  • Fixed crash report when tracking report was executed, but there was no tasks module installed
  • Improved email notifications so they display properly in vast majority of email clients
  • Fixed time zone issue in Day Overview widget