This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • If user is visiting activeCollab with unsupported version of Internet Explorer, or IE running in Compatibility mode, they will be warned
  • Force HTML powered file uploads in Internet Explorer
  • Project name added to project request notifications

Bug Fixes:

  • Properly handle Esc when closing dialogs
  • Fixed permissions issue when subtasks assignees could not complete subtasks unless they were assigned to the parent task
  • Fixed Internet Explorer issue where you had to click twice to open a project tab
  • Fixed links in notifications sent to users that don't have an account in the system
  • Fixed issue where Outline would stop working if Tracking module was missing
  • Covered one more SVN error condition
  • Fixed issue where users were not redirected to new project after they moved a project object
  • Fixed invoice logo URL issue when system is using clean URL-s
  • Fixed issue that forced default project visibility on new objects