This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added expense categories API command
  • Added company archive API command
  • Added project hourly rates API command
  • Activity logs API response now includes activity log entry ID
  • Added option to toggle collapse/expand all groups in objects list by using Ctrl+Click (Cmd+Click on a Mac)
  • Added private icon next to private documents in Documents list
  • Custom field values are returned in brief API responses

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed display issue where tasks would be duplicated in tasks list on milestone change
  • Default project role is pre-selected in Add to Projects dialog
  • When shared object is moved to trash, make public page unavailable
  • Fixed issue where attachments were not displayed on shared task page if task description was empty
  • Fixed time-zone related date picker issue in project outline
  • Fixed year display in project exports
  • Fixed issue with email import when a message was sent from
  • Fixed issue with only assignee being subscribed after subtask is edited
  • Fixed setting cache values that were searched by array of names (array to string conversion)
  • Request URI is set if not present
  • Fixed time-zone relate issue on New Reminder form
  • Fixed history rendering for visibility change
  • Fixed issue when email is sent to a non-existing project
  • Accessing attachments of a shared object does not require log in any more
  • Fixed edge case issue with file size formatting
  • Users who are trashed or deleted no longer appear in assignees and subscribers lists or user pickers
  • Fixed trashed/deleted users appearing as subscribers in new comment form