This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • More prominent warning that SVN communication via command line is deprecated and will be removed in activeCollab 4
  • Simplified source settings dialogs
  • Installation and upgrade scripts can detect Suhosin patch and extension
  • Improved signature and quote cleaning when importing email
  • Links added to visual editor can be forced to open in new browser window
  • Added warning to New Incoming Mailbox for that clarifies what might happen if users use personal addresses with activeCollab's incoming mail feature

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed assignment filter print when filter is showing tracked time data
  • Fixed issue when users and companies that already had an account but were deleted, are imported from vCard
  • Fixed issue where incoming mail would crash when invalid language instance was provided
  • Fixed activeCollab 2.3 project upgrade. Paused and canceled projects are properly labeled now
  • Page tabs at client invoicing section are properly localised now
  • Mobile view of task page now shows related tasks
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from loading more than 100 repositories in Administration > Source Settings section
  • System no longer allows users to send a quote to owner company
  • Fixed issue when quote issued to owner company could not be deleted
  • Fixed issue where some items could be duplicated in Outline view
  • Fixed multi-byte issue when timeline background images are generated
  • Improved the way system handles BCC-ed incoming mail
  • "Set new password" button text can now be localised
  • IAssigneesImplementation::getAllAssigneeIds() method now works properly
  • Installer no longer uses persistent MySQL connections
  • Fixed error where textarea was not displayed in some cases to users who turned off visual editor
  • Increased font size of group headers in printed reports
  • boolval() function is defined if not present (PHP 5.5 introduces this function while older versions of PHP don't have it)
  • Fixed issue where private comment content could be lost upon recurring profile update
  • Fixed invoice PDF problem when project name had & in its name
  • Invoice notes are listed alphabetically in WebKit powered browsers