This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added option to select multiple time records and expenses and mass-change their billable status
  • Added quick view for completed objects displayed in Day Overview home-screen widget
  • Link to Item can be limited to search only in current project
  • Added progress field to project's and milestone's detailed API response that shows percent done, total number of tasks and number of open tasks
  • Improved /info/roles API response

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when incoming mail filter is being deleted in a new tab
  • Fixed the way email notification are displayed on iPad
  • Multiple localisation tweaks and fixes
  • Fixed a bug where incoming mail could import an empty body when message charset was not specified
  • Fixed width of message field in Maintenance Mode dialog
  • When project is created from a template, custom template settings are applied to the new project as well
  • Module icons are shown for disabled modules as well
  • Fixed issue when one or more items gets added to objects list to previously not visible group, and the group remained collapsed instead of appearing expanded
  • Fixed URL for attachments that are displayed at public pages
  • Fixed issue with left list padding in content block
  • Different number style for different levels of ordered lists
  • Home screen will skip widgets and tabs that are not available if parent module gets disabled
  • Generic "This page is not available on mobile device" page is displayed when visitor tries to open a page that does not have a mobile version
  • Fixed issue with public tasks form on mobile devices
  • Code that checks whether InnoDB support is available has been improved (MySQL 5.6 compatibility tweak)
  • When deleting quotes, automatically reset based on values for projects
  • Made sure that long project names do not break Related Tasks dialog
  • When task is copied, its most recent estimate is copied as well (this functionality is used when projects are created from templates, too)
  • Module clean-up on uninstallation improvements
  • Fixed SVN over HTTPS error
  • Projects are properly sorted in Add to Projects dialog
  • Fixed issue when subtasks did not get rescheduled when their parent does not have a due date set
  • Fixed crash that could happen when user was removed from a project
  • When time is tracked from a timesheet page, system uses proper default visibility status (configured globally or per project)
  • Long object type in recent activities widget no longer wraps
  • Fixed project listing in mobile interface (it used to list only active projects)
  • SVN properly works when repository is actually a subfolder, nor root folder of the repository
  • Fixed milestone progress calculation for situations when big milestone is close to completion, but not completed yet
  • Fixed quick view navigation error
  • Improved email cleaner for messages received from GMail
  • Fixed a small vCard import error
  • When temporal attachments are removed, object contexts are properly cleaned up