This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • New client side events: content_loaded and single_content_loaded
  • Incoming mail will notify administrators if it fails to check mailbox because of a validation error
  • Client see person who issued an invoice, not a person who created it
  • Activity logs are much faster now, and consume less resources
  • Browser history manipulation improved on the AJAX load for the Projects index page
  • Day off name no longer needs to be unique
  • Added archive for documents
  • Invoice form: Add From Template option will overwrite default invoice item if it is empty
  • Quick search now can search for documents as well
  • SVN can trust server certificate (added --trust-server-certificate to svn executable call)
  • My Discussions widget optionally displays discussions from completed projects (off by default)
  • Tracking reports display parent info for time records and expenses that are tracked for a task
  • Estimates use hour notation
  • Defined default home screen for people managers (same as for project managers for now)
  • Quotes: saving client now optionally sends a welcome e-mail

Bug Fixes:

  • Rebuild localization bug fixed
  • Collectors show file path only when app is in debug or development mode
  • Permanently deleted objects can't be accessed
  • App.isValidEmail() is no longer case sensitive
  • Situation when server_name is not properly set will no longer break the system
  • Break lines are no longer cleaned from paragraphs by HTML sanitizer
  • activeCollab will obey Return-Path and Auto-Submitted email headers
  • If someone adds an address of defined incoming mailbox to CC, that address will not be automatically subscribed
  • Quick search is more reliable
  • Fixed message analyzer in source module
  • Source module search index related bug has been covered
  • Fixed repository upgrade issue
  • Trashed users are not displayed on project people pages
  • Show only visible repository project objects in source admin section
  • Project progress refreshes when we change objects milestone or when we move it to the trash
  • Fixed print in invoices section that clients use
  • Quick search: fixed bug where quick search would return objects that are already deleted
  • Quick search: fixed bug where users can't be found after their accounts have been update
  • Advanced search: fixed bug where advanced search would return objects that are already deleted
  • Tracking reports will display records for all selected users, not just for the first one
  • Trashed projects are no longer listed in tracking reports
  • Upload files from shared task pages works now
  • Error that happens when reminder is dismissed has been covered
  • Fixed an error that happens when milestone is restored from trash
  • Subtasks are properly showing in Day Overview widget
  • Issue that caused recent activities blocks to be empty for clients has been covered
  • Delegated Tasks widget now properly displayed Delegation Settings on edit
  • Add and edit company dialogs have the same width
  • Fixed calculation issue that could leave an invoice open even after last payment has been made
  • Covered a rare issue that caused some of the objects not to be copied from a template to the new project