This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • My discussions widget now displays only active, non-archived projects. Completed, non-archived projects can be optionally included
  • File preview is download link for images and types that don't have inline preview option
  • FORCE_ROOT_URL is On by default
  • Record parent displayed in Time & Expenses log
  • Added option to Project Settings that lets administrator configure whether clients can delegate tasks to all project members or just to members of their own company that are on a project
  • Completed objects are crossed over on project assignments page and in assignment filter results
  • After creating a new project from quote, user is redirected to that project
  • Outline: Faux milestone in outline view is now called 'Unclassified Tasks and Todo Lists' not 'Unknown Milestone'
  • Outline: New milestones are added before faux one, but after all existing
  • Max upload size displayed in New File Version form
  • Upgrade from 2.x should drop records from subscriptions that refer to non-existing entries in users table
  • System automatically scrolls down to the bottom of invoice items list when there are many items in the list

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing method error when public task form is updated
  • More complete localization dictionary
  • JavaScript error on assignments filter page in IE8 has been covered
  • Attachments are listed for notebook pages in mobile interface
  • Covered issue with home screen and non-ASCII characters in widget titles
  • Fixed issue where deleted financial managers kept receiving email notifications even after they were deleted
  • Email address can be re-used after original account is deleted
  • Company name can be re-used after original company is deleted
  • Billable status is properly displayed when time & expenses report is printed (used to show all records as Non Billable)
  • Object that don't implement IState could display deleted comments
  • Project managers can assign tasks to all project members, not just to members of their own company
  • Source code properly displays file content
  • Added attachments to notebook pages in mobile interface
  • Fixed WebKit specific issue with Day Overview widget and user names that contain non-ASCII characters
  • Related time and expenses are dropped when item is removed from an invoice via Edit Invoice form
  • Fixed getting visible company ID-s
  • activeCollab will check if email address is reserved by incoming mail when new user is being created
  • Improved Google Calendar compatibility
  • Project Exporter stability is improved
  • Completed milestones that have no open tasks are displayed as 100% done
  • List of to do lists is properly updated when new to do list is created
  • Max length of file in Documents section increased to 150 characters
  • Exceptions in incoming mail will not choke frequently task, but log the error and allow for task to be completed
  • vCard importer is no longer case sensitive when it imports companies
  • Notebook pages list is refreshed when pages are reordered