This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • After successful password reset, user is automatically logged in and taken to the home screen
  • System generates longer, more secure random passwords (20 letters, mixed letter case, including numbers and symbols included)
  • On successful login automatically rehash password using PBKDF2 if we have SHA1 hashed value in the database
  • New User form tweaked to look like other forms in the system and better explain behavior of options that are turned off by default

Bug Fixes:

  • When user tries to create a new mailbox with reserved email address, Email Reply to Comment tool will report a proper message
  • Fixed issue where anonymous users would receive notifications about comments that they post
  • Fixed reset password issue in IE8 and IE9
  • Fixed issue where system would ignore users' time zone when sending scheduled reminders
  • Mobile Interface: Fixed issue where post comment form was visible even when comments were locked
  • Mobile Interface: fixed notebooks page on milestone level
  • Mobile Interface: fixed files page on milestone level
  • Fixed issue with latest version number checking
  • Upgrade Script: fixed issue where text_document_versions and file_versions tables were created even when files module was not installed
  • Fixed issue with estimates report (it used to query permanently deleted and trashed time records)
  • Fixed issue where project progress was displayed even to people who don't have access to tasks and to do lists on the project