This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • System uses PBKDF2 to hash passwords instead of SHA1
  • Notification sent to new assignee includes full tasks/milestone description and attachments
  • Added option to reorder milestones that start on the same date
  • Improved quote and signature stripping for replies sent using Windows Live Mail and iPad Mail
  • Control Tower now shows if there's a new version of activeCollab available for download
  • Links in imported email messages are automatically made clickable
  • Different icons for different log types in email log
  • Assignment filter are aware of subtask due dates when they are grouping data by due date
  • Assignment filter will automatically set additional fields when user decides to include time data
  • When draft invoice has number set, system will treat it as proforma invoice + option to speficy how proforma invoices are called
  • Added tile icons used by Windows 8
  • Added /info/job-types API command

Bug Fixes:

  • /info properly returnes read only flag
  • Use "Sale" instead of "Authorisation" when processing card with PayPal
  • Fixed bug where Insert Link tool in visual editor would strip white space around selected text
  • Fixed issue where activeCollab would ignore recipients's language settings and sent email notifications in default language
  • Fixed copy phrase problem for long phrases in translation tool
  • Fixed collision between "Reopen on New Comments" option and completion of parent objects using a comment form
  • Fixed long body line display issue in IE9
  • Fixed issue when Insert Image tool would always add image at the beginning of text block in IE9
  • License and new version check properly checks for branding removal
  • Job types API response includes is_default flag
  • Fixed GIT update silent failing when URL path is changed
  • Fixed big logo issue in invoice PDF
  • Fixed GIT update issue when GIT repository is empty