This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Improved and documented API commands and responses
  • When translating long phrases, system offers text area instead of single line text input
  • Added priority and label to non-completed objects in Day Overview
  • Incoming mailbox auto-disable feature is now configurable
  • Added option not to print footer in invoice and quote PDF-s

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where archived projects would not display any data on Time & Expenses page
  • Colors for YouTube Videos and Bookmarks in Recent Activities
  • Fixed display of client address in quote PDF
  • Fixed date display on Milestones printout
  • Fixed showing raw HTML in quote's description when it is created from a project request
  • Fixed aggregate tasks report crash on long milestone names
  • Improved height and width calculation when company logo is being added to invoice PDF-s
  • Fixed outline issue when milestone, task or subtask had " in the name
  • Fixed conflicts count label
  • Fixed Load More link issue in advanced search
  • HTML::toPlainText() no longer prepends each paragraph with a tab (\t)
  • Anonymous subscribers' permissions are not evaluated any more upon copying or moving an object to another project
  • Log Time and Log Expense dialogs are aware of user's time zone when pre-selecting date
  • Fixed bug that sometimes appeared upon populating client data when a quote is created from a project request
  • Fixed issue with checking public quote's status
  • Moving an object now moves anonymous subscriptions as well
  • Fixed issue with printing in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue when GIT repositories are checked via scheduled tasks