This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Control Tower helps administrators spot problems early on
  • Email notifications when milestones, tasks and subtasks are reassigned
  • Source module will recognize .info, .install and .module files as text files (based on Drupal naming convention)
  • Existing language can be updated with translation file
  • Images will open inline in a new browser tab or window, instead of always being downloaded to disk
  • Project overview printout improved
  • Project specific task ID is now in a separate column in CSV export
  • Assignment filters can load estimated and tracked time
  • Added option to turn off result number limit when time & expenses log is requested via API
  • Estimated vs Tracked time report added
  • Day Overview now displays object priority
  • Less CSS and JavaScript files (less files to upload means faster upgrade)

Bug Fixes:

  • License key is sent to JavaScript only in administration section
  • Logs are not kept when system is in production mode
  • Fixed counting unread messages in IMAP/POP3 mailbox
  • Favourites listing will not show permanently deleted items
  • Fixed problem that prevented custom date option for Issue Invoice dialog
  • Fixed a bug where text documents, files, you tube vides and bookmarks could not be copied to another project
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly displayed user in Day Overview widget
  • Fixed issue with incorrect sum of total time logged by selected user in Day Overview widget
  • Fixed bug when number of users on a project was not displayed correctly at 'project brief' page
  • NaN.NaN in tracked time and expenses widgets fixed
  • Fixed issue with being able to archive your own company, or a company where the last administrator is in
  • Fixed bug when filenames in Files module have been appended with counters even if the old files were permanently deleted