This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • activeCollab can check for new version
  • System can list both open and completed projects, as well as open or completed only
  • "Add as Comment" resolution option for incoming mail conflicts added
  • Improved transliteration support
  • Group by file name in Documents and Files sections are smarter when working with non-latin names
  • Project exporter now exports files
  • Added note to a freshly submitted project request to let user know they can bookmark the public page
  • Added from/to labels to milestone filters
  • Added company note field, with an appropriate permission in system role
  • Invoices can be issued with due upon receipt, NET 10, NET 15, NET 30 and NET 60 due date options
  • Discussions are visually marked as read as soon as they are loaded
  • Tasks use global {TASK/ID} identifier in email notifications
  • Modules have default uninstall message, which includes the name of the module
  • Confirmations for uninstalling a module are using module's defined message (or falling back to default if it's not defined)
  • System shows "Loading" bar instead of black screen while loading backend scripts and stylesheets
  • "Help us Improve activeCollab" is configurable (Admin > General Settings)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed php config to int conversion function
  • Fixed template so proper person is listed as version author in New Notebook Page Version email notification
  • Fixed missing $context in 'forgot_password' email notification
  • Fixed sorting in jump to tool, object lists and assignment filters
  • Fixed issue with month not being displayed correctly in date range picker
  • Financial managers see "Go to Invoice" instead of "Pay Online Now" link in email notifications for issued invoices
  • Fixed issues with week boundaries calculation in assignment and tracking reports
  • Exporter module will not try to create /work/export folder if that folder already exists
  • Fixed project assets URL (uses slug instead of project ID)
  • Fixed issue with Files project tab initialisation
  • Fixed saving 'based on' information for projects created from requests or quotes
  • New invoice created from a quote which has a project, now pre-selects that project
  • Setting system default options for invoice that's based on a report or a quote
  • Fixed invoice comment height so it does not overlap company info block
  • Schedule task update checks if the connection to repository is valid
  • Don't show Next Trigger On for archived recurring profiles
  • Private invoice comment is saved when invoice is created from a tracking report
  • Upgrade script moves uncategorized pages to "Uncategorized Pages" notebook instead of skipping them
  • Delegated tasks widget now properly shows tasks delegated by selected user
  • Removed "not assigned tasks" options from Delegated tasks widget (unassigned tasks aren't delegated - filter result is always empty)
  • Fixed cleaning up HTML in text documents that caused all line breaks to be lost after editing
  • Fixed code styles in pages exported with Project Exporter tool
  • Fixed issue when reassigning a task via comment to 'nobody'
  • Fix for redirect loop in some environments which report working on port 80 while they actually work at 443 ($_SERVER['HTTP_X_REAL_PORT'])
  • Fix for frequently task being crashed when log about incoming mail has invalid "from" email
  • Reminders are cleared when parent object is deleted
  • Fixed default billable status filter in time and expense widgets
  • "Notify sender about task being created" option is forced for CC-ed recipients as well