This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added ability to specify how invoices are called (so you can easily cover situations where your country requires that invoices are displayed as "Tax Invoice" for example)
  • Files tab added to milestone details page
  • Added options to sum time records and expenses when invoice is created based on a result of a tracking report

Bug Fixes:

  • Better clean up of home screen widgets and tabs on module uninstallation
  • Sample Theme is automatically uninstalled by the upgrade script
  • Fixed API error when file has versions
  • Invoice related email notifications show note, not comment
  • Task assignee is subscribed and notified
  • Fixed issue with assignment filters and filtering by selected milestone and / or category
  • Milestone is preserved when project is created from a template
  • Subtasks are properly rescheduled when milestone is rescheduled
  • Fixed problem where New Subtask notification displayed person that created parent task or to do list as subtask author
  • Internet Explorer 8 slow script error covered
  • Trash popup properly updates when one of the notebook pages that has sub-pages is restored
  • Interface does not break if user tries to log in after log out without refreshing the page
  • Fixed an error that shifted milestones one day back on timeline tab and milestone details page
  • Smaple theme is automatically removed by the upgrade script
  • User is redirected to Repositories page when source repository is removed from a project
  • Estimate can be updated in project outline
  • Failed to load class 'EstimateInspectorProperty' error fixed on task print page