This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Bug Fixes:

  • Option to create new tasks, discussions etc removed from details page of archived milestones
  • Fixed issue with subscribe / unsubscribe options on archived objects
  • "$invoker not defined" JavaScript error fixed
  • Scroll bar for invoices that have more than 7 items
  • Fixed task counter and progress calculator for milestones
  • Fixed issue with project icon change
  • Fixed to do list filtering
  • Notebook page preview fixed
  • Option name for Pin option in Global Documents section
  • HTML cleaner improved
  • Installer and upgrade script now check whether config/version.php is writable
  • Subscription tweak for objects created with an email
  • Admin Tools are displayed to administrators even when system is not in development mode
  • Completed On filter issue fixed in assignments filter


  • Fixed title for login page
  • Client details added to Project at a Glance page
  • Download option highlighted for Global Documents
  • Completed items are crossed over in calendar view
  • Various sharing improvements
  • New icon for Rebuild Indexes administration tool