This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Final stable activeCollab 3 release. Major new features and:

  • All new interface brings faster navigation, less clutter and powerful tools (navigate without refresh, object lists, great visual editor etc)
  • activeCollab looks and works great on modern phones
  • Outline and timeline view make project management much easier
  • Tickets are renamed to tasks, checklists to to do lists and tasks to subtasks
  • Pages module renamed to Notebooks and significantly improved
  • Configurable home screens with support for extension via modules
  • Workweek and holiday configuration with smart assignment rescheduling
  • Invoicing module now features invoice designer, quotes and payments
  • Time tracking module has been extended with estimates and expense tracking
  • Specify job type when tracking time. Each job type has its own hourly rate
  • Set project budgets and see how project resources are spent, in real time
  • Labels for projects and tasks enable easier status tracking and sorting
  • Email integration offers email queue, email log and all new templates
  • Incoming mail now supports definition of message filters
  • Mail cleaner will remove quotes and signatures from replies
  • Share project data with people who don't have an account in the system
  • Powerful assignment filters and tracking reports
  • GIT and Mercurial support added on top of SVN support to Source module

... and much more. There's not a single section in activeCollab that haven't been improved with this release, at least a bit!

Enjoy! activeCollab Team