This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Improved thumb.php
  • People with manage permissions in specific section (discussions, files, pages, tickets) can also manage categories in that section
  • Removed extra database lock while emptying the trash
  • If there are too many trashed objects, they will be deleted in chunks (not all at once)
  • Status updates now can be deleted
  • Basecamp data importer included in Corporate and Small Biz builds

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed subscriptions page problem when project is empty
  • Fixed permission checking for tasks assigned to a user who can't edit parent ticket, checklist or a page
  • Fixed favicon URL for login screen, as well as error page
  • Fixed issue when assignments filter was including comments in the results in some cases
  • Fixed issue when trash was reporting to be empty and it wasn't
  • Fixed bug where admins and project managers were being able to perform search only across projects that they were added to
  • Fixed PHP compatibility message for Incoming Mail and Importer modules
  • Master categories at Admin page are now sorted in the same way as they are sorted within projects