This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed logo uploading in Company identity section of activeCollab administration
  • Email notifications when adding Documents
  • Time reports now displays time records for anonymous users
  • Fixed Go button on archived ticket page
  • Fixed problem with Page Version delete permissions
  • Fixed importing language from xml issues when there's a translation for one module only / translation for module has a single translation entry
  • Fixed filemtime() PHP warnings when logo and avatar URL-s are returned
  • Fixed PHP warning in ProjectPeopleController class
  • Fixed bug with invoice unit price value while another language is selected where point (.) was interpreted as comma (,) thus preventing company address to be rendered correctly
  • Fixed bug for showing compare differences between revisions
  • Fixed bug for time entries of deleted users when using project exporter
  • Fixed bug to use "Use error output redirection" in Source Settings by default
  • Improved Internet Explorer 9 compatibility