This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • When an assignment is re-assigned, new assignees are automatically subscribed to it
  • All project template categories are copied to a new project
  • Milestone information is included in email notifications
  • DST setting now supports "-- System Default --" value on user profiles
  • Emails sent from people who don't have access to certain incoming mailbox, now can be manually imported while preserving original author
  • PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions) is required extension
  • Added GMT -4:30 time zone
  • XML extension has been added to optional, but recommended extensions list
  • System will not throw a warning if PHP works in safe mode when it tries to set default timezone to GMT
  • Added option to filter archived projects by status
  • When email is imported it updates last activity time in profile of the user who created it
  • Fixed PHP5.3.0 preg_quote() compatibility issue

Bug Fixes:

  • Section labels used in select project permissions block now can be translated
  • Fixed problem where Quick Add time record form could not processed time in 3:30 format
  • Fixed problem where related tasks were not properly rescheduled when parent milestone was rescheduled
  • HTML entities are not double escaped in ticket titles
  • Fixed issue with image visibility in Documents for non-admin users
  • Fixed bug in mobile interface when using pagination on some installations
  • Android based mobile devices now use interface made for iPhone devices
  • System "system_access" permission can't be removed any more from the last admin role
  • Title of dialog window for changing avatars/logos/icons is now using distinct text, instead of "Change icon" for all three of them
  • After switching the language in user settings, confirmation message is no longer displayed in previous language
  • Fixed localization issue with New Task activity log entries
  • Fixed problem with Unicode tags
  • Download file links force download
  • User can set due on date when creating ticket via quick add dialog
  • Fixed who can see private document message