This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Added auto-reconnect for situations when MySQL closes connection in the middle of the request
  • Added new config options for better controlling the way mailing is working (native mailer and marking messages as bulk options)
  • System permission 'manage_trash' has been added
  • Administrators and project managers see all objects that are in the Trash
  • GZIP compression for assets (js, css and print collector files) can be turned off by setting COMPRESS_ASSET_REQUESTS option to false in config.php file
  • {title} accepts language parameters just like {lang} does

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed fread() problem in collector files
  • HTML Purifier now uses /cache folder to cache definitions
  • Styles in visual editor are translatable
  • Time records API returns same records as web interface
  • Fixed notice in DashboardController
  • Many localization fixes and tweaks (thanks to Frederik Sauer)
  • Welcome message after user login is now in user's language
  • Fixed problem when, in some rare cases, task parent form was loaded when tasks was created with AJAX request
  • Aligment of 'Complete ticket with this comment' checkbox fixed
  • Empty Return-Path turned off by default
  • Uppercase letters can be used in email addresses
  • Fixed infinite visual editor explanding in Google Chrome
  • Fixed issue where on some installations, incoming mail was treating first empty line in the imported email, as beginning of hidden email history

API Changes:

  • Comments now return list of files attached to them
  • Fixed problem with Pages category not listing pages in API response