This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Archive link in Projects is now aware of selected client and group
  • HTML Purifier upgraded to version 2.1.5 (last PHP4 compatible version)
  • Only people with manage permissions in Time section will see mass edit checkboxes and controls
  • Scheduled Tasks page now includes instructions for executing scheduled tasks using PHP command line interface
  • Billable status is automatically set to Yes in quick add dialog
  • Added links to upgrades in Administration > System Information block
  • People now see companies that are set as clients for a project even when members of that company are not involved in a project
  • Task notifications include link to parent object (ticket, checklist etc)
  • Status module page with easy to access permissions added

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed buggy quick add dialog behavior
  • Language importer is now more careful when importing languages from broken xml
  • Backup module on some installations was sorting previous backups by their modification time instead of creation time
  • Long links in Page diffs could make the diff block too wide and break the layout in Safari
  • Fixed issue with date filter for assignment filters
  • Fixed project icon caching issue when project client is changed
  • Fixed problem where projects with owner company set as a client are not considered internal
  • Fixed project exporter chrashing on some servers with PHP installed as ISAPI on IIS
  • Fixed time record creation / upgrade problem on some installations
  • The last administrator in the system cannot disable "admin_access" permission for his role
  • Add links on milestone details page are aware of permissions now
  • Fixed project exporter issue where attachments to pages and discussions were not exported
  • Fixed time reports that in some cases did not properly calcualte total time if there was 1000 or more hours logged
  • Email address validation now supports addresses
  • Fixed iCalendar feed generation on PHP 5.0.x versions
  • When user tries to delete a document from Documents section he will be asked to confirm the action
  • Bugfix for Safari 4 which was causing textarea to be stretched vertically on page scroll
  • Fixed automatic URL conversion bug that was introduced in v2.1.1
  • Object can't be restored if its parent is still in Trash
  • Fixed issue with client tabs when projects are grouped by client
  • Upgrade script did not properly update parent type for some attachments
  • Fixed issue with deleting company logos, project icons, and user avatars in dedicated pages
  • Fixed problem with mass edit of time records in IE8
  • Fixed layout issues with popup dialogs in IE6