This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Increased number of comments per page to 25


  • Fixed XSS problem when error dump is displayed
  • Fixed possible path exposure in error dumps

Bug Fixes:

  • Object types in quick add module now are properly translated
  • Fixed scrolling in quick add popup
  • Covered some phrases that were not available for translation
  • Added option in incoming mailbox add/editing form, to accept emails from registered activeCollab users which are not added to project specified in that incoming mailbox
  • Fixed issue with restoring backups, when some users were having "Access Forbidden" issues
  • Fixed project description bug in mobile interface
  • Fixed issues with incoming mail MIME encoding problem
  • Fixed issue with quick add dialog, when it breaks apart when there is more than ~10 projects
  • Title of new company dialog was not properly named
  • Fixed link auto discovery when link is at the beginning of the sentence
  • Status updates in RSS now have valid permalinks
  • Fixed ordering of backups in administration
  • Incoming Mail is configured not to accept auto-responder emails
  • Task priority is visible now
  • Fixed password issue when new user is created with API command
  • Fixed error display when DEBUG level is not set for development
  • Fixed pree_var_dump function to properly clean variable dumps