This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • RSS feeds validate
  • When clicking on New Ticket button while in ticket category, that category will be preselected in Category drop-down on New Ticket form.
  • Added description bellow project template picker which explains who will be automatically added to the new project. When project is created from a template, users will be imported from a template. If no template is selected, users will be added based on auto-assignment settings.
  • Anyone assignment filter returns task by ignoring assignment data. Now it really returns tasks assigned to anyone.
  • Not assigned assignment filter return tasks that do not have people assigned to them.
  • Status filter lets you define if you wish to have all, only active or only completed tasks listed.
  • Next page link at the bottom of Assignments page added.


  • Fixed XSS problem when error dump is displayed.
  • Fixed possible path exposure in error dumps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed pubdate bug in RSS generation. This cause problems with some RSS readers because correct name of element is pubDate.
  • Fixed problem with calendar popup in date picker being cut off in some cases on 1024x768 resolutions or smaller.
  • Fixed Internet Explorer print style switcher issue which caused problems when print stylesheet was loaded for the second time.
  • Removed Image Browser tab in Insert image tool. This feature was never implemented and the tab caused a lot of confusion.
  • Fixed error when edit time record form was submitted with validation error.
  • Fixed bug with avatar / logo / project icon upload on some systems which return false when we use is_file() for uploaded files.
  • Fixed problem with Select Users dialog when there was a lot of users on Internet Explorer 6.

API Changes:

  • Fixed issue where discussion request did not return discussion comments.