This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • People can be moved from one company to another.
  • Added confirmation dialog when permanently removing objects from trash.
  • Max upload size is displayed on upload files form.
  • Time reports can be created from Reports section inside of projects.
  • People manager cannot promote person into administrator. Only administrators can do that.
  • User's role cannot be changed if he or she is the last administrator in the system.
  • Added visibility indicator to Pages module.
  • When JavaScript is disabled, system will display error message alerting the user about it. This warning can be turned off by setting WARN_WHEN_JAVASCRIPT_IS_DISABLED to false in config/config.php.
  • Added a page that provides instructions how to enable JavaScript in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.
  • iCalendar feed added on user Schedule pages. Only project managers can use these feeds.
  • Pending Payment status added to Time Records. There is no interface for this status, but it can be used by modules which control time record status (Invoicing tools for example).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Select Users popup is not working on New / Edit Assignment Filter and New / Edit Time Filter forms.
  • Fixed the issue where successive milestones are extracted based on updated due date instead of original value.
  • Long file names are trimmed to 40 characters on Files tab. Extremely long file names could break interface previously.
  • Fixed problem where Project Starts On is sometimes off by one day due to time-zone miscalculation.
  • If a user assignees only himself to an object, project leader now will also be subscribed to that object, automatically.
  • Milestone moved to another project was preserving the relations to its child objects in the project that it has been moved from.
  • No error/success messages were displayed after turning the cache off.
  • If a user had only last name entered in his profile, his e-mail address was used in assignees block.
  • Links were not automatically converted to be clickable in ticket body, milestone description and project overview.
  • Fixed 'Can't copy image to work path' error upon pressing Submit with no file selected at edit project icon, edit avatar and edit company logo pages.
  • Fixed problem where objects couldn't be associated with milestones in activeCollab setups with large amount of data.
  • Corrected the problem with displaying "unknown project" in ticket history after moving a ticket to another project.
  • Fixed bug where, in some cases, ago modifier returned Yesterday for actions that happened the day before Yesterday..
  • Date selected by default in time popup now properly calculates user's time-zone.

API Changes:

  • In time management calls, billable_status was added. is_billable and is_billed are left for compatibility reasons, but are consireder deprecated.