This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Object can be copied in parent project.
  • Ticket time shows total time logged for ticket and all of its tasks.
  • Improved time popup.
  • Notify Assignees checkbox removed. Assignees will always be notified.
  • Person creating a ticket, milestone, tasks, file, discussion or page will be automatically subscribed to it.
  • Project section included when visiting comment, tasks, attachment and subscription pages.
  • When tasks / ticket / milestone is re-assigned, notification is send to all old and new assignees except the person who did the update even if that person is one of the assignees.
  • When user posts a comment he or she is automatically subscribed to object that was commented.
  • Project leader is automatically subscribed to tickets created with Public Submit module.
  • In New Task form priority and due date fields are hidden by default.
  • User's project role is displayed on People project tab.
  • If there are no assignees / subscribers selected when object is created, project leader will be automatically subscribed and notified.
  • Scheduled tasks administration page shows time when was the last time scheduled tasks were executed (if ever).
  • Comments on tickets, discussions, pages and files can be locked.
  • Discussions can be pinned to the top of discussions list.
  • Added support for servers that do not properly handle path info (some versions of IIS for example).
  • Improved underlying Status module code.
  • System and license information displayed on administration start page.
  • Upload files form now returns more descriptive error messages.
  • Project Exporter uses built in notifications instead of custom div-s.
  • Daily, hourly and frequently tasks executed through command line do not display output unless there are errors to be displayed.

Bug fixes:

  • Security fix! Instructions for restoring backup are stored in PHP file instead of plain text file.
  • When object is copied in another project milestone ID is reseted if no milestone map is present.
  • When ticket is copied it will use next available ticket ID in destination project instead of keeping ID from original project.
  • Duplicate subscriptions bug resulted by incomplete cleanup routine fixed.
  • Fixed subscription caching issues when subscribe_users() method is called.
  • Fixed problem with HTTP status code not being properly passed when error page is displayed.
  • Module info loading bug fixed.
  • Master Categories will not let you define category names shorter than 3 letters.
  • Fixed problem where duplicate notifications are sent to users when reminder was sent to people involved in a discussion.
  • Fixed caching issue when module is uninstalled.
  • Project Exporter exports completed milestones.
  • Fixed issue where links to modules that user selected not to export are still present in navigation.

API improvements:

  • /roles/system - List all system roles (permissions included). If user is not system administrator or people manager only default role ID is returned!
  • /roles/project - List all project roles (permissions included). No permission checking is done.
  • /role/:role_id - Show details of any role. No permission checking is done.
  • Implemented support for work with project groups through API.
  • New user fields: is_administrator, is_project_manager and is_people_manager.
  • Project people request (/projects/:project_id/people) returns more information including users role and permissions for every project user.
  • /projects/:project_id request now includes logged_user_permissions field with role of currently logged user and his or hers permissions on a selected project (similar to project people permission information).
  • Assignee information is included in Ticket, Task and Milestone details.
  • API for Status message - /status for listing and /status/add for submitting messages.
  • avatar_url property added for User details request.
  • logo_url property added for Company details request.
  • icon_url property added for Project details request.
  • Permissions array added to every project object details response with following permission values: can_edit, can_delete, can_change_visibility, can_movecan_copy and can_change_complete_status.