This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Objects can be moved / copied only by administrators, project managers and project leaders.
  • Next page link on Projects, People, Files, Tickets, Discussions, Time, Dashboard and Status archive pages.
  • Improved notification message for private objects.
  • If attachment is private it is indicated with red dot on Files tab (as for Files).
  • Calendar subscription link added to Project Calendar page.
  • File description included in list of files on Files tab.
  • Mass change ticket visibility added to tickets page.
  • Links are recognized in text and automatically made clickable in comments.
  • When time record is submitted through Quick add dialog project and Is billable values are preserved.
  • Caching for project icon URL-s.
  • System notifies user if he is viewing trashed object.
  • Prettier notifications for private and trashed objects.
  • HTMLPurifier can be turned off by adding define('PURIFY_HTML', false); to config/config.php file.
  • On New User form Password field is automatically focused when user selects to specify password.

Bug fixes:

  • Last file revision is not required to be instance of User class in order to be returned. It can also be an AnonymousUser.
  • First field on reset password form is password field instead of text field.
  • Completed, canceled or paused projects that project manager or administrator is not directly involved with are now visible in project archives.
  • Fixed problem where milestone start and due dates can be one day of in some cases.
  • Fixed problem with users last activity time logging and display.
  • Helper that shows which action was done by whom now uses a timezone settings of logged in user to display proper time.
  • Due helper ignores timezone settings when displaying due date tooltip (correct behavior).
  • JavaScript confirm dialog for Remove User option on role details page.
  • Is billable is set to Yes by default in Quick Add dialog.
  • Fixed problem with tickets archive no remembering selected category for pagination.
  • Fixed bug where pagination does not remember parent object when listing time records attached to task or a ticket.
  • One day shift for milestones fixed. Calendar applications do not include DTEND day so it needs to be set to the day after due date.
  • Fixed problem where not billable records are not counted correctly in time reports.
  • Parent page select box does not list page that is being updated and its sub-pages.
  • Fixed problem where attachments always inherit author from parent object instead of using logged user.
  • Fixed problem where not all assignees are properly move into a project created from template.
  • Fixed broken image link to logo in error layout and on login / forgot password pages in mobile interface.
  • Fix for project icon not being displayed in Jump to Project dialog if it was inherited from client.

AP I improvements:

  • Added read_only flag to /info. Value of this flag will be 0 if API supports both read and write requests and 1 if it supports only read requests.