This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
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  • Removed Date time format field from profile. Instead of being a separate configuration option it is now made out of date and time options.
  • Text input is automatically focused when status update dialog is displayed.
  • People who do not have can_see_private_objects permissions but can create projects now do not have ability to select default visibility (Private value will be set automatically).
  • Object visibility indicator for tickets, discussions and checklists with popup that explains who can see private objects.
  • Session ID is not force refreshed on every request *
  • Checkbox icons next to tasks user cannot complete are not clickable any more.
  • If user does not have permissions to create tasks under a specific object (ticket, page, checklist) New Task link is not displayed in Tasks section header.
  • When breaking recent activities per day system now checks users timezone instead of just using GMT value.
  • Ago helper now displays number of hours instead of Few hours ago.
  • Better localization coverage.
  • Backup module enhancements. It does not require specific MySQL configuration any more but uses PHP to generate / restore SQL files.
  • Site logo and favicon graphics are now in septate folder so cannot override them by accident when updating content of /assets folder.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with filtering time reports for a specific day.
  • Fixed some RSS / iCal feed links that were broken.
  • Fixed :project problem in select visibility control.
  • Script will die when CSV export is served.
  • Checklist tasks are available on assignments page.
  • Only people who can edit specific tickets can attach tasks to them.
  • Only people from a specific project can be reminded using Send Reminder tool.
  • Fixed CSS/JS caching issues with Safari.
  • Fixed upload issue for Windows host where slashes from uploaded file path were stripped out.
  • Today / Late counter fixed.
  • Administrators, project managers and project leaders have edit / delete object permissions no matter what.
  • Fixed issue when time record is shown in project history even though user does not have permissions to access time (access permission is by mistake inherited from parent object).
  • Fixed date format issues on Windows servers.
  • New discussion form does not lose message field when title is too short and needs to be revised.
  • Fixed problem where attachment cannot be delete even though user has permissions to edit parent object.
  • Fixed problem with first screen that needs point you to the installer, but fails to do that on Windows.
  • Permissions cache is cleaned when role is updated or deleted.
  • Assignments cache is completely cleared when assignments of any particular object are changed.

API improvements:

  • Added logged user URL in /info call so you can see who the logged person is for API key you are using.
  • Added type to all project objects in the system. This is especially important when you list objects of mixed type.
  • Added /project/#project_id/user-tasks call that lists all tasks currently logged user can work on in a particular project

  • This is configurable - to force refresh session ID on every request put define('ALWAYS_CHANGE_SESSION_ID', true); into config/config.php