This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.



  • Projects are ordered by name in Quick add dialog
  • More company fields included in API result for company request
  • System will not allow you to submit an empty status message
  • More descriptive select_visibility helper
  • Turn on / off thumbnail creation for images (on by default)
  • Limit max image size when thumbnail is created (default is 500kb)

Bug fixes:

  • API is working properly with .htaccess hack for clean URL-s
  • Send Reminders properly filters out people
  • Dictionary does not exist error when create a new translation file has been fixed
  • Starred items from Trash are not counted on Dashboard
  • Fixed problem with read / unread discussions
  • When module is removed all reminders for old objects are also removed
  • Time filtering by date range fixed
  • Problem with Project Exporter module and open_basedir restriction has been fixed
  • Problem with filtering billable, but not billed hours fixed
  • When project is created from template number of open / completed tasks and project progress are refreshed
  • Fixed problem when time record is added from time page for a particular object
  • HTTP errors for status update count asynchronous request fixed
  • Fixed problem when user did not receive email notification in prefered language
  • Problem with members not being able to see their assignments fixed