This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.


New modules:

  • Mobile access - Interface created just for mobile devices. iPhone support included - you can finally touch activeCollab!
  • Backup - automatically back up your database and files.
  • Project Exporter - Export project data in series of static, HTML files that does not require activeCollab to be displayed. Burn it on a CD, upload to your website or send it to your clients.
  • Public Submit - Let people submit tickets without logging into activeCollab. CAPTCHA protection included.
  • Status - Simple, Twitter like notifications system built right into activeCollab.

Time tracking improvements:

  • Reusable reports that work both globally and on project level. Reports can list all time records or calculate how much time every user reported.
  • Ability to mark billable time record as billed and filter it out in reports.
  • Time tracking for subtasks.
  • New time widget makes it super easy to track time.

Improved assignments page:

  • Powerful assignments filter that let you select not just your tasks but tasks assigned to any company or group of people.
  • RSS for any assignment filter.
  • Ability to mark filter as private so only you can use it.
  • Ability to mark task as completed directly on assignment page.
  • Ability to subscribe to every task and receive email notification on status change directly on assignments page.
  • Track time for every ticket or subtask directly on assignments page.

Calendar improvements:

  • Tickets and Tasks are listed in calendar.
  • Tasks, Tickets and Milestones can be marked as completed directly on calendar page.
  • Improved performance of Calendar pages.

Improved search:

  • Search for users.
  • Search for project or inside of projects.
  • Quick search dialog is really handy. It will show top 5 results directly in the quick search dialog and give you link if you need more.

Localization support:

  • Translate the interface in as many languages you want.
  • Per user language settings.
  • Email translates also support translations and are aware of user language preferences. Every user will be notified in their preferred language.
  • Per user date and time formatting settings.
  • Administration tools for language management and translation.

New permissions and roles:

  • Every user can have a system role now, not just members of owner company.
  • Project roles are reusable sets of project permissions. Users can have different roles in different projects.
  • Per module access permissions.
  • New system permissions - can add project, can see private objects and more.

File module improvements:

  • Attachments are listed in files listing.
  • Thumbnails are created for images.
  • Tool that lets you upload multiple files at once has been added.
  • Improved workflow.

API improvements:

  • Write support for API is added.
  • API methods are documented.
  • Configuration option that controls whether API is enabled or disabled. This configuration option also lets you set up API to work in read only or in read / write mode.


  • Send reminders regarding a ticket, discussion or file to assignees, subscribers, specific person or people who commented on it.
  • Reminders include email notification and entry in “Things that require your attention” block that is shown on dashboard.
  • Read more about reminders in Developer Blog...

Other changes:

  • Any project can be used as a template for new project (read more in Developer Blog).
  • Auto-assignments system has been redone.
  • Modules that are not required for system to work properly can be uninstalled.
  • Checklists module is not installed in Corporate version by default. You can install it if you really need it.
  • User password are not readable in database any more.
  • System that determines witch objects are new since your last visit is more reliable now.
  • When list of assignees is changed everyone is notified about the changes (old and new assignees with complete list of changes).
  • Links for creating new objects on milestone details page.
  • Users last visit time is displayed on profile page.
  • A simple tool for managing file, discussion and ticket categories that are created when new project is created.

Plus many many more fixes and improvements.