This page is about an old version of Active Collab that's not developed anymore.
Click here to open the documentation for the latest version.


Features and Improvements:

  • Milestones start and end date can be the same day
  • Members of Client Companies can track time (if they have proper permissions)
  • Added relation between Files and Milestones
  • Added Manage Attachments button to comment options group (right to authors name)
  • Added Manage / Add links to Attachment and Subscription headers on object details page
  • Improved usability of comment options
  • Added attachment field to New Discussion form
  • activeCollab will keep connection alive by refreshing user session every 5 minutes for as long as any activeCollab page is open
  • When theme is updated in Administration it will be updated for all the users
  • When extracting task name system will use first 15 words instead of 5
  • Debug backtrace is saved only for fatal errors - saves some time on PHP4
  • Removed timezone information from date pickers

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Email Notifications get cut off when containing multibyte characters on some systems
  • Fixed pagination on project page when browsing projects by company or by group
  • Fixed pagination problem on Files and Discussions pages
  • Proper project leader is selected on edit project page
  • Fixes JavaScript and CSS issue for servers with zlib.output_compression set to On
  • Comments, Attachments and Tasks will properly inherit parents visibility
  • Fixed issue with due display and calculation
  • Fixed problem with HTML entities being escaped two times in the activity logs
  • Fixed problem when user cannot be subscribed to the object if he or she was already a subscriber
  • File backend cache uses PHP files instead of plain text files
  • .htaccess that restricts direct access to files in /cache, /import, /logs, /thumbnails and /upload folders added
  • Multibyte operations are forcing UTF-8 encoding
  • White is used instead of black when resizing images with transparent areas
  • Fixed select_user helper so it does not break the script when data is out of sync in database
  • Pagination helper will render first page even when there are no items to show (information that there are no items is displayed in that case)
  • JavaScript error when selecting user or assignee fixed
  • Better data cleanup on project deletion